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Dr. Jennifer Caudle: What Does the Howard University HIV/AIDS Incident Say about Our Fight Against STDs?

Dr. Jennifer Caudle: What We Can Learn from the Howard University HIV/AIDS Incident jennifer caudle 11 200x300 picture

The case of William Brawner, the HIV positive student at Howard University, sent shock waves through the black community.  He knew he had HIV, but kept having unprotected sex.  What do incidents like this one mean for the black community?  Dr. Jennifer Caudle helps break it down. 

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  1. PoppaSpank
    December 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Thank you for the Article on the Student at Howard University that has Aids, and Shared it with the Other Girls….

    Having a Son that Finished his Bachelor, at Howard University, he stated that alot of Pressure is on the Campus, of “Hookin’ up with the Gurlz'” and the Gurlz’ Hookin’ up with the Guys, No Matter how much the Administration speak about UnProtected Sex to the Students!!!”

    Mr. William Brawner should be Ashamed of giving those Girls Aids, the DiseASE that keeps on giving!!!

    The Girls should have told him No, “IF NO RAIN KOAT,’ {COAT}, ***ConDom*** then we are not going to be together, Period….

    Yes, there is alot of Pressure on the Young Guys, Girls to get into the Flesh, but it all Starts at home, Starting at a Young Age of 13, with the Parents telling the Males Respect the Females, the same hold True for the FeMales…

    Parents need to tell the Girls to have ReSpect for there Bodies, has a Race of People of COLOUR, we are Beautiful, so many of us have been HURT and some of Us feel like Sex is the way to esCape the HURT in their LIVES…

    We {SOME}, are Slowly Killing Off our Proud Heritage, that our Parents, PARENTS, have stood For, we Robb from each other, We Fight each other, we are the Only Race that are not able to Co~Habitat, we want it all and that is not always Good…

    Blacks have Moved {Ran} away from Helping another BLACK, Some of us are too Busy DESTROYING another BLACK…

    This Maddness must Stop, Black on Black Crime in Politics, Black on Black Crimes againgst One Another, Black on Black Sexual Crimes, the Black Race will be —- or is becoming the Least Minority, We are Mixing with Other Races to Have the So Called Milato Looking Baby!!!

    “The DARKER the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice,” lets Peace Out Y’all, Stay a Proud Race, Continue a STRONG Race, like we use to be, lets Start having our Own Goods and Products, Support One another in Business, Family ReUnions, Sunday Dinners at Big Ma House!!!

    This is just a Little of what I had to Say!!! 🙂

  2. December 5, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    I am glad his deeds came to light, and I hope we can all learn from his mistakes.

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