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Your Black News: Michigan Police Accused Of Beating Diabetic Man Into Coma

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Pamela Griglen rushed into the hospital that June evening to be at the side of her bloodied, bandaged, diabetic husband.

At first, she thought Ernest Griglen Jr. of Detroit had been in a car accident.

“He said that they beat him,” Pamela Griglen said Monday at a news conference, where she accused Allen Park and Dearborn police of mistaking her 59-year-old husband for a drunken driver during a hypoglycemic attack on June 15, then beating him to the point that part of his brain had to be surgically removed.

The couple’s attorney, Arnold Reed, filed a lawsuit Monday in Detroit’s U.S. District Court against the two police departments and five officers, seeking $20 million in damages.

But Allen Park and Dearborn police reports released Monday to the Free Press under a Freedom of Information Act request give a different version of what happened.

Police said they had to take a combative Ernest Griglen to the ground after he resisted being handcuffed following an earlier 5-mile car chase on Southfield Road.

In a report, Dearborn police acknowledge striking Griglen at least four times in an attempt to free his hands after seeing what one officer described as a black object and possible weapon on Griglen’s waistband, and one officer hit him with pepper spray…

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  1. anonymous
    July 12, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    I am a white resident residing in allen park mi for 20 years. the reputation of the police dept in allen park and dearborn being racist is no secret, and i am ashamed of what happened to this man, only miles from my home in this day and age. when will it end? what tactics are “really” necessary. i believe an outside unrelated source should investigate and wish this family luck and health. you never think it can happen to you, but unfortunately it can. the threat of violence and use of the word nigger among other offensive actions were inflicted upon our friends after leaving our home. it’s a tragedy, and makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Ms. Davis
    November 24, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Ernest was my older brother. No one would believe what a beautiful person Ernest was. He loved his family and always left a fine impression on those who came in contact with. I miss my brother so much and there is a void in my life now that he is gone from this system of things. But I know he is in Gods memory and that brings me comfort. One day evil will be
    gone. no worries or pain that only this system has to offer. When Ernest entered a room the
    mood of that room changed and the flavor of Ernest was in motion. He had his own way
    about himself and in my eyes that made him a bad mamma jamma 🙂 That last traggic year
    of watching his body fail was more than anyone should have to go through. But the whole family was there for him and could not be anywhere else. Yes Ernest is loved and very much alive in my memory.

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