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Your Black News: Black Voters May Set Voting Records

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Polls of African-American voters in Florida and nationwide indicate potential record-setting support for Barack Obama.

A nationwide poll released today found that 84 percent of African-American voters preferred Obama, 6 percent backed John McCain and 10 percent were undecided or declined to state a choice.

If the undecided break along the lines of the rest of those polled, Obama would receive 94 percent of the black vote, tying a record high set in 1964 with the election of Lyndon Johnson.


A Florida poll conducted for the Sun Sentinel last week found that 90 percent of black voters favored Obama, 3 percent favored McCain and 7 percent were undecided.

In the statewide poll, McCain was backed by 52 percent of white voters. Hispanics, including Cuban-Americans, favored McCain over Obama by 49 percent to 44 percent.

From South Florida Sun Sentinel