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Things I Learned about Tyler Perry While Being Interviewed by Mo’Nique

April 27, 2011 Comments off

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black WorldScholarship in Action 

I watched Tyler Perry last night on the Mo’Nique Show on BET.  It was an interesting interview, with Mo’Nique fawning over Tyler’s brilliance in the way you would expect an actress to kiss up to one of the most powerful filmmakers in the world.  I fully expect that Mo’Nique will get some coveted roles in future Tyler Perry films.

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Tyler Perry Speaks on Spike Lee…..Again

April 26, 2011 7 comments

Your Black World Reports

Tyler Perry keeps answering questions about Spike Lee, who has been critical of his films as of late.  After his latest film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family,”  Perry had this to say about Spike:

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Diamond Breland: Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry

April 25, 2011 Comments off

Listen to Your Black World’s Diamond Breland give her take on the battle between film icons Tyler Perry and Spike Lee.  The video is below!

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Your Black World Headlines: 11/12/2008

November 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Your Black Celebrities: Writers Accuse Tyler Perry Of Anti-Union Practice

October 12, 2008 Leave a comment

The Writers Guild of America West has filed an unfair-labor-practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against Tyler Perry’s production studio after the studio fired four writers for the TBS comedy “House of Payne” who were seeking union representation. Jeff Hermanson, an assistant executive director for the Writers Guild, said the four writers – Kellie Griffin, Christopher Moore, Teri Brown-Jackson and Lamont Ferrell – had sought a union contract because they felt they were underpaid and lacked benefits. Matt Johnson, a Los Angeles lawyer representing Mr. Perry, above, said the firing of the writers was related to “the quality of their work.” The writers are planning to picket this weekend at the opening of Tyler Perry Studios, a 28-acre production complex outside Atlanta.

From The NYT

Your Black Brothers: Brother, Can You Spare Some Class: Black Men In The Media

October 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Brother, Can You Spare Some Class: Black Men in the Media
By: Tolu Olorunda
Staff Writer –

On October 15th, Comedy Central is slated to premier a “satirical fake news show” called, Chocolate News. David Alan Grier, most famous for his many characters in the ‘90s hit sketch comedy series In Living Color, will be the host. The show is reported to be a cultural spin-off of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, but judging from the released trailers, Comedy Central is aiming for a much different objective. The scene is an all too familiar one. The trailers feature Grier, like past Black comics before him, dressed up in feminine outfits, yelling at the top of his voice, acting erratically, and operating in an incoherent shuffle. It is as though this long national nightmare, of which President Ford spoke, is far from over.

In early 2005, Chappelle’s Show, Comedy Central’s most popular series at the time, received a set-back from production because Dave Chappelle, star of the show, had come to a sobering conclusion that he did not wish for his soul to be purchased at the price of corporate America’s offer. As the legend tells itself, Dave Chappelle turned down $50 million – the allotted price for the third season – and escaped to South Africa for a “spiritual retreat.” Comedy Central, uneasy about the kind of message being sent to Black boys and girls across the globe, initially spun Chappelle’s departure into a battle with the flu, but subsequently reoriented it to suggest a meltdown of insanity and eccentricity.

Dave Chappelle, upon a return to The States, informed TV icon Oprah Winfrey, that he was motivated to halt production of his ultra successful show because it had grown increasingly “socially irresponsible.” In response to the growing concern from within the Black Community, vis-à-vis his many overtly stereotypical sketches, Chappelle remarked that he didn’t want “black people to be disappointed in me for putting that [message] out there. … It’s a complete moral dilemma.” What an unusual and unprecedented act of solidarity and candor…

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