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Your Black Life: Bill O’Reilly Humbled By Colleague

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

What happens when a FOX News-subordinate emphatically and insistently tells a network-star that he’s “wrong”? Well, according to what took place on The O’Reilly Factor, two nights ago, all hell breaks loose. In a discussion/dialogue/debate/shout-fest on the consequences of free speech, vis-a-vis religious expression, FOX News host, Megyn Kelly, reminded the cable-king of his immense intellectual limitations: “I’ve never met a non-lawyer who argues the law so confidently, albeit so wrongly,” she said. As O’Reilly grew increasingly aggressive in his condescension toward the former-lawyer, it was only a matter of time before Kelly blurted out the line of the night: “You don’t get it… You’re wrong, Bill!” Yes, WRONG indeed, but a “self-deluded” could have buttressed the point better Ms. Kelly:

[FYI: This is certainly not the first time O’Reilly’s been humbled on national TV].

Your Black News: Sean Hannity Blames Obama For Ailing Economy

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment


On the November 11 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio program, Sean Hannity again suggested that President-elect Barack Obama is to blame for the decline in the stock market and said of Wall Street’s performance: “Wall Street keeps sinking. Could it be the Obama recession: The fear that taxes are gonna go up, forcing people to pull out of the market?” Hannity is not alone among conservatives in the media in referring to an “Obama recession” in purported explanation for the state of the stock market. As MSNBC’s Chris Matthews noted on November 12, radio host Rush Limbaugh “says the recession isn’t President Bush’s fault. It’s the fault, catch this, of the president who hasn’t yet taken office. It’s an ‘Obama recession’; that’s what he’s calling it.” Matthews characterized Limbaugh’s reference to an “Obama recession” as “some of the bitter sore loser’s rhetoric we are hearing from the right these days.”

Limbaugh referred to an “Obama recession” on the November 6 and November 11 broadcasts of his nationally syndicated radio show. But as Media Matters for America has noted, analysts have refuted the proposition that the market decline is attributable to Obama’s election, citing other factors such as weak economic data […]

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Your Black Brothers: Juan Williams Stands Up To Sean Hannity!

November 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Is Juan Williams leaving the house? Not sure he’s welcome back on the field, but that’s an entirely different discussion. On Thursday, Sean Hannity, the self-proclaimed McCain surrogate and FOX News host, attempted, once again, to smear Palestinian-native and Chicago professor, Rashid Khalidi. Unfortunately for Hannity, even Juan Williams wouldn’t back him up on his erroneous claim that an association with Prof. Khalidi is synonymous to dancing with the devil. Juan Williams, known for his anti-black sensibilities, seemed to express some frustration with his pal, Sean Hannity, whose desperate strategies at helping McCain win appear to hold no barriers. To put it plainly, Juan Williams called him out on his B.S. and unadulterated hypocrisy:

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Your Black Politics: Bob Beckel’s Racist Tirade Against Charles Barkley

October 31, 2008 Leave a comment

In an interview with CNN’s Campbell Brown, Monday night, NBA legend, Charles Barkley, mentioned that racism was still an integral part of U.S. political life. Surprisingly, FOX News wasn’t to happy about it, and talk-show host, Sean Hannity, made much hoopla about it on his show last night. “Liberal Commentator,” Bob Beckel, was featured as a guest to provide some analysis on Barkley’s charge. Beckel responded saying, “I would rather take the words of a drunk on the corner down here on politics than Charles Barkley’s… He’s a great basketball player, but he ought to stay there. That’s exactly right. And not wander into our neighborhood, you know.” What does Beckel mean by “our neighborhood?” Perhaps, in Beckle and FOX News’s minds, Black athletes can only function one-dimensionally. This might explain why politically-conscious athletes like Etan Thomas have become increasingly marginalized in mainstream athleticism:

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Your Black Politics: FOX News Calls Obama Presidency “Unfortunate”

October 20, 2008 Leave a comment

The common-sense bandits – also known as FOX News – are at it again. This time, the insinuation is loud and clear. In an interview with Sen. John McCain, FOX News host, Chris Wallace, asked the Republican Presidential Nominee what life would look like if he lost to Sen. Obama — come Nov. 4th. In the interview in which Sen. McCain descried Gov. Palin as a, “cold political calculation,” who is a “direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America,” Chris Wallace hinted at an Obama presidency being synonymous to the world tuning “an unfortunate way.” This was the exchange:

WALLACE: … Have you considered – have you even dealt in your mind with the possibility that you could lose, and could you live with that?

MCCAIN: Oh, sure. I mean, I don’t dwell on it. But look. I’ve had a wonderful life. I have to go back and live in Arizona, and be in the United States Senate representing them, and with a wonderful family, and daughters and sons that I’m so proud of, and a – and a life that’s been blessed.

I’m the luckiest guy you have ever interviewed and will ever interview. I’m the most fortunate man on earth, and I thank God for it every single day.

WALLACE: So if the world turns an unfortunate way on November 4th, don’t feel sorry for John McCain?

MCCAIN: Don’t feel sorry for John McCain, and John McCain will be concentrating on not feeling sorry for himself.

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Your Black News: FOX News Compares Rev. Wright To David Duke

September 25, 2008 Leave a comment

FOX News’s Greta Van Susteren – the Journalism equivalent of Gov. Sarah Palin – made an insinuation a couple of nights ago that, at the very least, compares Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright to a man who has openly advocated for the lynching and castration of Black people. In an attempt to ask former president Bill Clinton a “tough question” (perhaps Fair & Balanced), the FOX News tabloid queen took time out from her Caylee Anthony marathon stalk-fest to query:

What is the difference between an association with someone like David Duke and someone like Reverend Wright?”

Bill Clinton, unable to comprehend the effrontery and packaged acidic stupidity, paused for a few seconds before attempting to answer the question. David Duke, as most are aware, is a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who made headlines last year when he arose in defense of the nooses hung on the infamous tree in Jena, La. Most human beings would find it immensely difficult to stomach such insinuation by FOX News; but coming from a network which, on Friday Sept. 18, 2008, found it refreshing to suggest that “loaning to minorities and risky folks is a disaster,” nothing, even such as morally-repugnant as Susteren’s statement, should come off as shocking. FOX News = The High Cost Of Low Standards. A leopard indeed, does not change it’s spots:

From Your Black News

Your Black Life: FOX News Host Sean Hannity Abuses Guest — Has History

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Strangely, FOX News’ postal boy, Sean Hannity, has a detailed history of abusing his guests — especially those who don’t see the world through the narrow keyhole with which he analyzes reality. The radio/television host, who has rarely used his bully-pulpit for the good of society, shows why a college degree goes a long way in preventing mental decrepitude. Watch as he screams-down his guest, Robert Kuttner, on the pitiful FOX “News” show, Hannity & Colmes:

Also, check out a 2007 interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, in which the same arrogant disposition of Hannity is displayed: