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Your Black Celebrities: Some O.J. Jurors Openly Disagreed With 1995 Acquittal Verdict

October 5, 2008 Leave a comment

The jurors in O.J. Simpson’s armed robbery and kidnapping trial claimed a mixture of opinions about his acquittal on murder charges more than a decade ago, but all told attorneys they could set aside their feelings.

According to jury questionnaires released Saturday, five of the 12 jurors wrote that they disagreed with the 1995 verdict that cleared Simpson in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Most others claimed to be uncertain or did not answer the question…

David Wieberg, a 51-year-old manager, was among those who said he disagreed with the 1995 verdict.

“No, I don’t believe the jury consider(ed) the facts,” he wrote. Wieberg also said he agreed with the outcome of the civil trial that found Simpson liable for the deaths.

“It may have given the victims’ families some satisfaction,” he wrote…



Your Black Celebrities: All White Jury Finds O.J. Simpson Guilty On All Charges

October 4, 2008 Leave a comment

O.J. Simpson has been found guilty on all charges in the alleged gunpoint robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room more than a year ago.

Simpson faces a prison sentence of 15 years to life.

The jury reached the verdict Friday after working into the night, deliberating the fate of the former football star and a co-defendant accused of robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a casino hotel room.