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Your Black Sports: Players Shut Down Brandon Marshall’s Political Statement

November 11, 2008 Leave a comment

No Obamamania for Brandon Marshall

By: Dave Zirin

All Brandon Marshall wanted was the opportunity to be part of the moment. The Denver Broncos wide receiver wanted to feel connected to the thousands who have flooded into the streets and the millions in a state of shock and awe around the world, celebrating the election of Barack Obama. […]

Unfortunately, we will never know what would have happened, or how the crowd would have reacted. We will never have that image of a football player bringing politics to the field. Marshall did score a touchdown, but as he removed the glove from his pocket, his teammates stopped him.

The problem was that Marshall’s touchdown came with only one minute and twenty-two seconds left to play, putting the Broncos ahead, 34-30. His teammates–particularly fellow wideout Brandon Stokley and tight end Tony Scheffler–saw what he was about to do and stopped him, fearful of an automatic fifteen-yard penalty for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

One can be charitable toward Stokley and Sheffler, given the moment in the game–although the image of two white players surrounding a black player to block his political statement is the antithesis of the very ideas Marshall was attempting to communicate […]

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Your Black Life: CHANGE (The Barack Obama Song) — By Manze Dayila

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Haitian New Yorker, Manze Dayila was inspired to write a song about Barack Obama after being invited to perform at a rally in her New York neighborhood. Inspiration struck in the shower, and the rest is now history on YouTube. “When I look at Barack Obama and listen to him speak, I can see and hear his determination for change,” says Dayila. “We are all children of the world, deserve to live better, have better education, better health care. I believe in his message that war is not the answer. I think he can change our situation into a better one. I think this is change we all need.”

CHANGE (The Barack Obama Song):

Manze Sayila recently released “Solé,” her debut CD on the As Is Entertainment, Inc. record label. The single is available for free download at:

Your Black Politics: The Obama ’08 Phenomenon — Lessons Learned

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment


The Obama ’08 Phenomenon: What Have We Learned?
By: BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“This generation will have to learn from damn near scratch what a real social movement looks like.”

Without question, the nation has experienced an election of historical significance, for reasons that go beyond the obvious “first Black” aspect of race. This has also been the most-hyped presidential campaign in U.S. history, if for no other reason than the simple fact that every presidential campaign is more hyped than the last, since hype is what corporate media sells. But what has the experience taught us?

We have learned that a large and decisive national minority of whites can be persuaded to vote for a certain kind of Black man for president if that Black man possesses the following characteristics:

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Your Black Scholar: Morning In Obamerica — How Much Will Change?

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Morning in Obamerica
By: Ishmael Reed

The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb, and the  leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and  the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

The great American satirist George Schuyler’s prescient and comic work, Black No More, is about a scientist named Dr. Crookmore who comes up with a formula that turns blacks to white (I wonder how Schuyler would treat the current profitable back- to- Africa DNA hokum). As a result of a country that is totally white, The Civil Rights organizations go out of business, and even the last hold out, the character, based upon the black nationalist Marcus Garvey, in the end, tries some of Dr.  Crookmore solution. Would something like this happen were Barack Obama to become president?  A country where there exists no social divisions and the issue of race has become defused.

The leader of the NAACP says that the work of the organization will continue even with an Obama victory. Why? Wouldn’t it be better that the NAACP shut its doors as cable’s leading conservative intellectual, Tucker Carlson has suggested? Auction off its assets and join the post race fever?

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