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Your Black Life: Bill O’Reilly Humbled By Colleague

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

What happens when a FOX News-subordinate emphatically and insistently tells a network-star that he’s “wrong”? Well, according to what took place on The O’Reilly Factor, two nights ago, all hell breaks loose. In a discussion/dialogue/debate/shout-fest on the consequences of free speech, vis-a-vis religious expression, FOX News host, Megyn Kelly, reminded the cable-king of his immense intellectual limitations: “I’ve never met a non-lawyer who argues the law so confidently, albeit so wrongly,” she said. As O’Reilly grew increasingly aggressive in his condescension toward the former-lawyer, it was only a matter of time before Kelly blurted out the line of the night: “You don’t get it… You’re wrong, Bill!” Yes, WRONG indeed, but a “self-deluded” could have buttressed the point better Ms. Kelly:

[FYI: This is certainly not the first time O’Reilly’s been humbled on national TV].

Your Black News: Juan Williams Calls Iraqis ‘Ingrates’

December 16, 2008 Leave a comment

At a time when social-consciousness is at its peak, and millions of citizens around the world are scratching their heads to figure out how much of a foreign policy disaster the Iraq War was/is — especially in light of the shoe-throwing incident last Sunday — some of our more… ‘conservative-minded’ fellows still don’t get it. Of such is FOX News superstar-Negro, Juan Williams, who declared, last night, that dissenting Iraqis are petty “ingrate[s]” who don’t value the 2003-invasion, which has wrecked more than a million lives:

Your Black Brothers: Juan Williams Stands Up To Sean Hannity!

November 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Is Juan Williams leaving the house? Not sure he’s welcome back on the field, but that’s an entirely different discussion. On Thursday, Sean Hannity, the self-proclaimed McCain surrogate and FOX News host, attempted, once again, to smear Palestinian-native and Chicago professor, Rashid Khalidi. Unfortunately for Hannity, even Juan Williams wouldn’t back him up on his erroneous claim that an association with Prof. Khalidi is synonymous to dancing with the devil. Juan Williams, known for his anti-black sensibilities, seemed to express some frustration with his pal, Sean Hannity, whose desperate strategies at helping McCain win appear to hold no barriers. To put it plainly, Juan Williams called him out on his B.S. and unadulterated hypocrisy:

Video At Your Black Brothers

Your Black Politics: David Letterman Embarrasses FOX News & Bill O’Reilly

October 29, 2008 1 comment

Last night, David Letterman gave the bully-boy of cable-news a taste of his own medicine. As the interview progressed, O’Reilly grew increasingly agitated — much to the delight of Letterman and the studio audience. At one point, Letterman accused O’Reilly of putting “artificial facts” in his head, and believing them. On the subject of Iraq – one Bill claims to have mastered – the FOX News host proved to be unbelievably nescient, and incapable of defending the talking points he spews on his nightly show. The manhandling is pretty graphic (ADULTS ONLY):

Video At Your Black Politics

Your Black Politics: FOX News’ Clown Host, Bill O’Reilly Attacks Michelle Obama

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment

The face of disgrace, Bill O’Reilly, found another way, yesterday, to take criminal swipes at the potential first lady, Michelle Obama. In a new segment he calls, “The Obama Chronicles,” an “extensive 25-part series” on Sen. Barack Obama, O’Reilly made some deeply reprehensible comments. In an effort to slime the independent-minded Michelle Obama, Billo – as he’s called by rival host Keith Olbermann – began by degradingly labeling Ms. Obama as “the controversial wife of the Democratic candidate.” To affirm this folly-inspired categorization, O’Reilly further claimed – rather baselessly – that Michelle Obama “looks like an angry woman.” Most YBW readers are aware of FOX News’ reporter, Cal Thomas’s despicable remarks, earlier this year, that most Black Women on TV are of some shade of angry. Bill O’Reilly, who has in the past, expressed willingness to lynch Michelle Obama — on the condition that substantive proof is given that she feels a certain way about her country, blamed the victims of Hurricane Katrina for their demise, publicly expressed shock at the idea of Black people acting civically at an Harlem Restaurant, and claimed inner-city kids are innately incivil, is in no way morally equipped to assess the temperament of anyone — let alone someone who, quite obviously, shatters the limited brain data he possesses:

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Your Black Life: FOX News Host Sean Hannity Abuses Guest — Has History

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Strangely, FOX News’ postal boy, Sean Hannity, has a detailed history of abusing his guests — especially those who don’t see the world through the narrow keyhole with which he analyzes reality. The radio/television host, who has rarely used his bully-pulpit for the good of society, shows why a college degree goes a long way in preventing mental decrepitude. Watch as he screams-down his guest, Robert Kuttner, on the pitiful FOX “News” show, Hannity & Colmes:

Also, check out a 2007 interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, in which the same arrogant disposition of Hannity is displayed:

Your Black Politics: FOX News Host, Sean Hannity Says “Colored People” Repeatedly

September 8, 2008 2 comments

FOX News postal Boy, Sean Hannity, used the derogatory term, “Colored People” profusely — as a descriptor for Black Politicians. In an argument with National Action Network founder, Al Sharpton, Hannity is relegated to anger, and inadvertently repeats the term one can only assume he uses at will — when the camera and mic are turned off. Pls. call FOX News, or send an email, to let them know that you do not wish to be categorized as “Colored” in 2008: