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Dr. Christopher Emdin: 5 Messages from the “Slavery Math Problems”

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  1. January 11, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Slavery is like an open wound to so-called Black people that need healing.The institution of Slavery must be addressed so that so-called black people can heal from the lies of inheritance which have been taught to them as truths.So-called black preachers,leaders,and teachers, must come into the knowledge and understanding that,out of all of the miseducation which has been acquired under this educational system,they still have not been educated into their true name, language,land and, most important the name of their God. So-called Black People have been here in this Country called America for ove 400 years! still walking around with White people last names calling themselves free,when in all actuality they are owned to this day by the last names they have.For example, when you purchase a car,home etc. the title and the deeds are in your name meaning,you own that particular product. It cannot continue Slavery must be addressed, So-called Black People Descendants were not born here in America as Slaves, They were brought here in Chains and shackles and, some of us know how true history not just HIS–Story.

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