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Is It OK to Question Christianity?

Yvette Carnell, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Pastor Mika Edmondson discuss the issue. 

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  1. jaleel shakir
    January 7, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    The imaging of G-D is not supported by scripture( Bible, Old Testament, Quran). In fact,
    the Bible clearly says that it shouldn’t be done. The transition from European idolatry to
    Christianity brought along with it the old customs and habits of the pre-Christian people.It is time that church leaders realize that the mind of the masses is too sophisticated for this
    to continue.We do not need these symbols to attract our attention or attract us to faith.
    The intellect of the masses of the people throughout the world has grown so that this is not necessary – it’s disrespectful. It has created more psychological problems for the masses
    than it has helped them. It has made the caucasian people unnatural ( Thinking they are
    closer to G-D) and every non white person feel inferior. G-D is not a racist and he is not
    a man or woman or a spirit.
    Let us who say that we are civilized stop disrespecting intelligence and emotional maturity.

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