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Ryan Mack: A Poor Man’s Appeal to Black Corporate America

Ryan Mack argues that black people should do more for the homeless and impoverished. 

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  1. December 8, 2011 at 3:26 am

    Yes, all people with means should help the poor, especially those people that used to be poor, and those who identify with the poor.

    live in Atlanta, Georgia. I need President Obama and congress to directly hire Americans ino federal agencies to get the unemployment rate below 5%. Not only will this help the nation, it will also ensure those that are hired will support and vote for the President, as if their jobs depended on it. Because it would. If the Republican took the congress or the presidency, these new hires would be fired.
    The minority unemployment rate will not rise until we have the unemployment for the general population to go down to about 5%. People hire who they know, like and seem to be more like them. Since, America is more than 60% white, and a higher percentage are rich, upper class or middle class, then it stands to reason, why minorities are hired less. Therefore, it is not racism, which is hate, but favoritism, which is love, that is affecting the minority unemployment rate. Thus, minorities must seek solutions that help all Americans so that they can help themselves. Once, back to work, they must save money, invest in themselves, and get out of the mentality of looking for a job, but making jobs.
    The number one issue we have is jobs. I believe that we should hire 15 million people at 36k a year for one year and place them in different federal agencies. This would cost 540 Billion dollars. This can be paid by the Federal Reserve. Returning veterans would be great candidates for employees. The are already in the federal system.
    The people who would be hired for a year will get good job experience, the agencies that have been decimated for the last 30 years would get the needed manpower they need to do their job competently. The tax base will increase to the city, county, states and federal government when they pay taxes. Small businesses and corporations will benefit when they via for the new money going into the economy.
    The problem in our economy is not regulations, but lack of demand, lack of disposable money in the hand of people that will spend the money. So money going to the rich will not work. Money does not trickle down from the rich to the poor and then evaporate. Money drains from the poor, to the middle class, to the upper class to the super rich, and then settles, and collects there. The only way to stimulate the economy is by investment or taxation.
    If the rich will not invest, the government must tax, and create jobs to get the unemployment rate at 5% or below. Look at the history of what has been tried by the republican idea of giving money to the rich: They told us that we needed to pass TARP to save the nation. But the money was just given to the rich, walls street, and big corporations. Additionally the FED lent out 7.7 Trillion dollars. They did not tell us, because the congress did not know that the FED lent out 7.7 Trillion dollars to these same people. Then the nation bought their loans back at 3%. A money making machine. Still the rich did not hire.
    When the rich got all of this money, why didn’t they help us? Why didn’t they invest in America? Why didn’t they help the nation refinance homes, and give loans to the American People? Because of capitalist greed, a sense of superiority, and the fact that trickle down economics from the rich to the poor does not work.
    What will work? Direct hire. The federal government needs to hire people into the federal government, as temp hires for one year. 15 million at 36k a year. This will stimulate the economy, help out the agencies that have been decimated by budget cuts, and give the new hires a skill they can parlay into a private sector job. Remember money does not trickle down from the rich to the poor, then disappear. Money drains from the poor to the working class at the top, then to the middle class in the middle, then to the upper and the rich class at the bottom. Money does not disappear, it either churns, in the economy or settles and collects with the rich. If the Federal Reserve can loan 7.7 Trillion dollars to the rich, then they can sell bonds to raise 540 billion to get the nation’s unemployment down to 5%.

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