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Republicans Say “GOP is the New Black” on a Billboard

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    November 1, 2011 at 1:43 am

    The New Black is it? It is so true when they say “there is a sucker born every day”. Black folks have to to the biggest of all the suckers in America(Suiper Models excluded). History shows up tha Black folks layed at the feet of and began the foot stool for the GOP from the time of Reconstruction at the end of the Civil War until the 1960 Presidential election. In between that time in the 1940’s the idea of Civil Rights was throw around in the GOP and they rejected it saying that colored folks were just all right were they where because things were “separated but equal” (they were reluctant to pass the Civil Rights Billl for LBJ but LBJ threaten them with the Voting Rights Law that he would make permanent if he GOP did nt compromise with him on the Civil Rights Bill). Not until the mid 1940s did the Democratic Party pick up the Civil Rights issue by and from Senator Humbert Humprey who intoduced it as a “plank” in the Democratic Party Presidential elections. So it’s more like “Back In Black” again for the GOP.

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