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Tom Joyner Says to Support President Obama just Because He’s Black

tom joyner says we should support President Obama because he's black

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  1. Avery
    October 29, 2011 at 9:56 am

    This why the black media and radio shows like the Tom Joyner show mislead black people all the time. What did MLK say how we should judge people, but Joyner and our media wants us to forget that and just stay a slave mentaly. This is why after voting for the democrate party for over forty years, and having the first black president we are still on the bottom of the ladder. We cannot trust Obama, he used that up over two years ago, now he is just campaigning all the time.

    October 29, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Like it or not Mr. Joyner has a good point and advice. What most Black folks do not know is that when a white conservative is elected President there is very low Black voters voting for them. Most white conservatives do not even try to get or cuddle the Black vote because they run on the old Barry Goldwater theory about Black folks. Barry Goldwater was a staunch anti civil rights conservative who heavily believed in states rights He also believed that he did not need the Black vote to get him elected President of the United States. In so many words and just short of saying it out loud. He just thought that white folks will always out number Black folks in America so why even bother talking to Black folks to get their vote. To prove my point. In the last election did you see John McCain and Sarah Palin campaigning to Black voters. Only on Martin Luther King’s holiday did John McCain apologizes for not voting for it as a Senator from Arizona(and Sarah Palin was not with him). In the past Ronadl Reagan never campaign for the Black vote during his first term. During his second term it was a land slide because Black folks did not come out and vote. It was one of the lowest Black vote turn out in American history and the conservative loved it. nd George W. Bushit number one never went ans campaign to Black folks in his first or second term.
    On the other side of the house. Black folks who think voting for white consevative is the way to go because it makes you “independent’ of the Democratic party? Think again. There is the house Nigga and tNigga out in the fileds. When the Revolution comes which one will you be? Black folks will alwayss be the step children of both poitical parties in the United States. People forget that true American Conservatism “was” based on states riights and slavery and maintaining that way of life and thinking. The Conservative was a Slavery and Segregationist. The Liberal was antii slavery and an Abolitionist. Strangely both ideas were based on a moral and religious principle. One to keep a person in bondage and the other one to bring a person out of bondage.
    When I hear a Black person say do not trust Obama but trust a ‘CUNTSERVATIVE”. It makes me go to my old album collection and puill out one of my oldies but goodies by the group The Last Poets called “Before The White Man Came” from the album called. “The Last Chatisement”. If you are a Black CUNTSERVATIVE I advise that you keep an open mind and listen to it. Now I took the time to be objective with an open mind and read ‘Mein Kamp” when I was in high school to get an idea how white folks on he right really think. I did a book report on it.

  3. October 30, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    Tom Joyner along with most Black radio hosts are bought and paid for puppets of Obama.

    Joyner is only concerned with Obama being re-elected so that he could get his occasional invite to the Whitehouse so he wants the masses of Blacks to support “The Half White Obama” so that he and the rest of Obama’s mouth pieces can benefit.

    Black people can vote for whom they want and I am offended by this ignorant clown Joyner for even thinking he can take the choice of Blacks away when it comes to who Blacks choose to vote for.Obama is nothing but a “White man that comes in Black face” and I also don’t hear Whites being pressured to vote for Obama since he is also half White.

    Blacks always get the least when it comes to voting but for some reasons Blacks are pressured to keep voting for Democrats that actually think blacks OWE them our vote.I don’t owe any of the slick politicians a thing and that includes slick Obama who has done nothing but sit on his narrow half white behind and berate Blacks…Black people need to get off the “POLITICAL PLANTATION”…..

    I give a shoutout to the very few Black hosts that are not obamabots and that is Rob redding and Derrick Boazman.

  4. October 31, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Black people do not need to be “scared” into voting for Democrats or Obama because it has been really bad for Blacks since this clown Obama has been in office but these “Democratic Plantation Dwellers” want you to believe that the world will come to an end if a Republican is elected.

    Truth is…Black people will catch hell no matter what party is in office.Blacks need to unify as they did during Jim Crow or slavery out of neccessity…………Black people do not let anyone TELL you how to vote and don’t let anyone make you believe you owe a half “White man” that don’t even acknowledge you, your vote.Also don’t let anyone tell you to vote for anyone based on race because that is a fool on some of that nonsense!

  5. December 12, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Dear Avery and Sage:
    How old are you?? Where do you get your line of thinking? Are you really Black… or are you ‘Fronting-as-a-Black’ Citizen’?? With your line of thinking, we don’t need Limbaugh’s, Imus’s, and the rest of ‘That Brotherhood’ to dis-credit our race. WE HAVE YOUlllll

    F.Y.I. Mr. tom Joyner is, and has been a warrior for our causes for as long as I can remember. Where were you?
    Not only is he a warrior… he is a brilliant man. Listen and learn.

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