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Maxine Waters Tells President Obama to “Treat Blacks Like Iowans”

Maxine Waters says that President Obama should treat blacks like Iowans


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  1. james
    September 9, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    I like the congresswoman fire also,I just like to know where were all these fired up black people before President Obama got elected.Thing have not just got bad for black R.Regan,George senior and junior Bush these men were in office for years while things was declining for blacks.Now everyone has something to say I call them cowards with a plantation view,a black in charge we will show him.While white change affirmative action,cedar program just two, while the drum was silent not a word unless it was to yourself!now do me a favor and shut the hell up!,I am intelligent enough to know where the problem is.

  2. JanetL
    September 12, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Ditto! Maxine Waters was ‘Smiling” while talking big like she was playing games while bashing the President.

    Where has the CBC been for all the issues facing the Black Community, however, Rev Sharpton and Rev. Jackson always showed up.

    Until the CBC elected Rev Emanuel Clever to the Chair, they have sat quitetly on their hands and said absolutely nothing.

    Where’s the CBC on the Anti-Voting Laws being passed by every Republican Gov & Eric Holder for that Matter, Completely Silent

    The Jobs Fair was absolutely Awesome and the CBC should have done just that long ago.

    It’ Congress’ responsibility to propose and write the laws and the President’s Job to either Pass or Veto the laws

    However there’s a different Standard for the Black President

    President Obama is the first President that actually had to Write, Develop and Submit a JOBS PLAN or any Plan to the Congress for that matter to get them to do their JOBS

    If Maxine Waters spent the time on her job actually doing something making a difference in peoples lives as they have done with the Jobs Fair, the CBC would finally get it right.

    The CBC has been silent for years, with every White President in history, now they speak out, Maxine in particular, because in fairness, the others have not Bashed the President

    Maxine as we all know has Significant Issues with the Ethics Committee in Congress and the investigation has been ongoing for 2 years.

    It appears she’s using the President to make the American People forget her Ethic Issues!

    We can tell Maxine what she told the “Tea Party”,,

    Mr. President, you can tell “Maxine Waters To Go TO Hell”

    As long as she refuses to addres those causing the problems in the House where she resides

    Refuses to Address the Republicans with the Significant issues facing Americans

    Refuse to run to the Cameras and Address all the Republican & Tea Party name Calling and disgraceful thing called our President and his family

    Unless and until then………………………………………

    Maxine can “Go TO Hell”

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