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Dr. Boyce: Why I Won’t Be Attending the MLK Dedication Ceremony

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  1. August 26, 2011 at 12:31 am

    I agree with the Doctor on most counts. I’m only saddened that I did not get the chance to March with him while he spouted those milk and honey dreams. I’m sad that I did not get the chance to stand by his side when he spoke against the Vietnam War. I’m saddened that I wasn’t old enough to drive cross country to the church rallies with a camera and capture King, Correta, Ralph, Jessie, Hosea, Andy and Dorothy Hight while they spouted all those big dreams about education, voting, freedom speach and the right to do as you damn well please under the constitution of the United States.

    I work as a Correctional Officer in a Prison, A Substitute Teacher and a Professional Photographer. I see the results from three angles of what happens to our kids when they drop out of school and get with the wrong crowd. I see what happens when they do not learn to read. As far as integration is concerned I honestly do not believe that Dr King had a pipe dream about every neighborhood in the US being 50 percent black and 50 percent white. Dr King was and still is an extremely intelligent man that knew that people generally gravitate toward what looks like them and what their interest are. Dr King wanted us to have the option of living anywhere our finances can take us regardless of what color the neighborhood we decide to live in without the threat of physical harm.

    Asia and Europe taught me that American Black People are not the only Niggers on the planet. I hope like hell Dr Kings Statue is made of granit plus to stand at least a thousand years. Whether you want to admit it or not DOC, Dr King punched a whole in a believe that had been prepetuated by truth and justice for over four hundred years but in actuallity the Constitution of the United States was the biggest lie on the planet. Seperate but equal, colored go to the back, Negroes can only serve in certain units, go to the back of the bus even when wearing a US Military Uniform, Blacks can’t command whites but can support them when their pinned down and being blown to peaces. So what if he is wearing a military uniform, kill him anyway, he whistled at a white woman. Everyone in town knows who killed the soldier but its OK he’s just another Nigger, no investigation and no one is brought to justice. Court Marshal him because he showed white leadership where they were wrong. Don’t promote him because of the color of his skin. Those things happened Negro!

    You living in pipe dream DOC. The human race is just like the animal kingdom, the strong survive and the week will eventually parish. Our people hold offices that can effect positive change not only for us but for people as a whole in this country. We had over four hundred years of whips and chains. The next four hundred years probably won’t see a return to 8 and 9 kids to a house hold. What it will see is more children learning what they need to know and how to survive without becoming a ward of the state in prison or on the welfare roles.

    Dr King crossed the Jordan River and went to the Mountain Top, The Brother did his job plus a whole bunch of other folk jobs. It’s up to us to continue his legacy by setting the example by not knocking the our women up side the head in front of our kids just because we may get pissed off. It’s time for us to act like fathers an not let our sons see us with multple women over their mothers. But most importanltly it’s time to start marrying our sisters and turning them into house wives instead of Baby Mommas. It’s time to take them to church on Sundahy morning and fellowship not only with church members but our own family members. It’s time to work together for a common community cause ie, turning black dollars over in the black community. In other words its time to build, build and build.

    We have to teach our sons to be producers instead of consumers. Negro you are Shallow and extremley Nieve. If their are any mispelled words in this peace, screw you DOC!


    August 26, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    You do not want to go the celebration memorial for Dr. King because we are not celebrating Malcom X? That’s a bit selfish and snobbish is it not Dr. Boyce? If anything that should be the pefect reason for you to go. To go there to celebrate Dr. King and to commenrate all the other Black Leadres(male and female) who came before and after Dr King. Let this memorial to him be the beginnning and fulcrum for all Black Intlettectuals and philosophers to be brought forward in the struggle for FREEDOM before and after his IDEALS.

  3. JanetL
    August 27, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Dr. King gave his LIFE! That’s reason to celebrate his dream and his vision. Millions earned the Right to honor Dr. King we live it, walked with him, prayed with him, worked with him, loved him, many Died, many were murdered, Jailed and you have the nerve to tell those who lost lives in this struggle, we have not earned the right.

    You were 12 years old, you don’t apparently have a clue.!

    The point is Dr. King Earned the Right, period!

    All this negative talk against each other, the community, Dr. King, comparing leaders who we respect both, it’s that Willie Lynch Theory still dominating The Black community.

    Most important Dr. King was a man of God and when you say his memorial is as false as a church, you are way out of bounds.

    I am constantly stamied by Dr. Boyce, rather than helping the community being a positive force, you continue to be a negative force. We understand that the community has issued but they will not be solved working against each other.

    Many died, gave their lives, black and white, for the advantages the community has today. We might not have achieved the full Vision of Dr. King but to deny the progress is just plain silly.

    If you are not going to get on board and be a positive force, uplifting force all the while getting things done then get out of the way. We understand that there is much work to do and many are about doing that work in spite of this on-going negative talk.

    You have no idea absolutely no idea of the struggle many endured during Dr. Kings leadership, yet you come along years later and dash the vision and the work of those who worked tiredlessly, died, literally gave their lives.

    This memorial is not about Malcom, it’s about Martin, if you cannot handle that, then say nothing because this continued divisive stand that you continue to take is heart breaking.

    Why is it that the Black Community is constantly divided from within?

    Dr. Boyce I challenge you to break the CYCLE!

    Become a Positive force even though there is much work to complete, and we can address the issues while working together.

    We have young people who’s parents were apart of that struggle, you were not you mother per your own words respected him greatly and for you to yes disrespect him and you most certaintly did, is just deplorable.

    In Christian love, once again I challenge you to get on board, with the problem and heartaches and all as many of us have over the years, we do the work not the talk. We get tired as well, but if we had given up and threw in the towel, and kept our faith in God you would not be enjoying those advantages you enjoy today.

    You just slapped those who not only died but those of us living who endured a struggle that was horrible. So do something positive, know the challenges, but don’t just preach about them and pursuade others to join you, work to help eliminate those challenges and you will find that if you do, you will become a contributor to the next generation.

    God never said this road would be easy, but it’s past time that we as a people, work together since we are the only ethnic group that works hard to work against each other. This community should be one of brothers and sisters no other ethnic has endured so much, many died, many were murdered, raped, beaten, jailed, honor that, and stop taking the easy way out, constantly finding a reason not to pay tribute to those who gave so much.

    The Bible says John 15:13

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    Dr. King did that and so did many others who worked in the struggle.

    No greater love, Dr. Boyce, No Greater Love!

  4. JanetL
    August 27, 2011 at 1:37 am

    Dr. Boyce

    Read your other article on the click to read. You cannot ignore that your comments have inspired a lot of anger, hate withing the community. Your role should be to inspire, teach, help, and not divide the community but to help build it.

    Dr. King preached Non-Violence as it shoudl be it’s still the Christian way.

    Consider being a positive force and try to make effective good changes in the community in a positive way. The community has always been divided, the only ethnic group that can’t seem to come togehter and find it’s way

    Won’t you join us?

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