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Gadafhi on the Run in Libya

Gadhafi on the run as rebels take control of Tripoli


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  1. August 31, 2011 at 2:08 am

    In 1986 I was preparing for an FTX in the War Room at US Army Headqarters in Heidelberg Germany. My fellow Soldiers and I were soing detailed preparation for this FTX when a Senior Intelligence officer came in the War Room and got on the microphone. I quote, US Military Aircraft are passing through German Air Space in route to a Strike in the Middle East. He didn’t say where they were going to drop their bombs.

    The next morning Good Morning America carried the story about Gadafhi’s home being bombed by US Military Aircraft. President Ronald Reagan came on television the same morning expressing his graditude to the Airmen that took on the ausome task of infiltrating Lybian Air Space. Gadafhi had surface to air missles that could have blown them out of the sky.

    When you are alseep our Brothers and Sisters are out in the open and standing silently in the shadows waiting for the order to GO.


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