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HBCUs Aggressively Recruiting Non-Black Students


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by Antoine Scroggins, Your Black World 



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  1. August 21, 2011 at 6:08 am

    What are we affraid of, White students walking into our classrooms and taking over acadimically. Some times that will happen but I think we have enough competent students to compete on any academic level with whites. Since integration we have kicked the door down trying to get into predominately white schools. Agressively seeking white students for HBU’s give credability to the institutions doing it. HBU’s are saying let us prepare your children for the future, we have the knowledge and skill to teach your child everything they need to know to be successful.
    Eventually alot of white parents will take the plung and trust HBU’s. When they see their children can compete where ever they go, the door of education integration will truly be open.
    Because of Black kids low test scores alot of whites are concerned that their children will recieve a substandard education if they send them to a HBU. That is a valid concern, however the people that said that HBU’s are giving away degrees forgot to inform the Professors at our HBU’s. I can assure you that if Becky or Billy Bob attend Jackson State University they will be challenged to the point of spending more time studying than normal.

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