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New Film Discusses the Crisis in the Congo: A Must See

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  1. August 19, 2011 at 4:50 pm

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  2. August 20, 2011 at 11:44 am

    The Beauty of the International Community is that you meet so many people that names and faces fade but the big picture of conversation remain. 1987 Fort Gordon Georgia US Army Communications Advanced Course. Our class had Military Officers from Nigeria, The Congo and several other African Nations that were allies to the United States. The Officers chosen to attend these Schools are normally the cream of their Military Communications and Intelligence Institutions.

    The Officers from the Congo stood out, not for their wealth but because of their lack of it. They did not stand out because of their academic prowess but because of their lack of it. They stood out because they were not prepared physically to meet the challenges we endured each morning at 0600 on the PT Field.

    I do recall how they effectionaly spoke of their country and their hopes and dreams for its future. Even though most of them spoke a minimum of three languages they conversed primarily in English when around us. The reason they did that is they want the International dream for themselves, their families and country.

    You have to realize that some of the same Officers we were teaching came from governments with no firm control of its borders or institutions. In the course of some of their careers they may have to defect from their government and seek asylum somewhere else. You also have ro realize that some of these same Officers attending US Military Schools were loyal to the Soviet Union when their governments were loyal to them. They worked overtime in a lot of cases to establish and form bonds with US just in case the day came when they could track us down for help in getting their families out of a particular country who’s government has collapsed.

    I was a sponsor for an Officer from Nigeria. As a sponsor I was responsible for his education of American Life and academic assistance if needed. I was also responsible for documenting everything about this Officer for Intelligence purposes. The Congo Sponsors had the same task. Every Military Officer from a Forigein Land attending US Military Schools that are assigned a Sponsor are documented in detail. Regardless if they attend Aviation, Infantry, Language Schools, Communications, it does not matter, that Officer may become the Commander in Cheif of their homeland, Chairman of their Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powerful Business Man or a Influential Member of the International Community. The US Government wants to know if they can use them in the future and what are their weeknesses if any.

    I am saddened by the video I watched a moment ago because I know that the Officers I served with are either making decisions they do not like, are dead or defected from their country because they could not endure the state of emergency that exist in the Congo.

    In Germany each year we conduct a major military exercise which includes Belgium Soldiers. Yes they make a respectable sallery. When you talk about their countries history such as slavery, poaching raw materials from other nations most do not know their history including Military Officers.

    To my fellow Military Officers. When you establish bonds with your African Brothers remember that your loyalty is to the United States First. Stay in touch with them, the day may come when you may have to contact an embassy, the intelligence community or someone in a position of authority that can get them and their family out of harms way.

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