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In Tyrese’s New Video, Black Women Don’t Make the Cut–Especially with Dark Skin

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by Shani K. Collins, Your Black World

After years of pursuing a career in acting, Tyrese Gibson has returned to the music scene and is preparing to release his new album “Open Invitation” later this fall. Gibson, who recently shot the “I Got a Chick” video which features R.Kelly and Tyga, has come under a barrage of criticism from Black women who are not very visible in the video. The majority of the women in the video are not Black, and of those who are, they arevery light in complexion.

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  1. lh
    August 13, 2011 at 3:18 am

    It is time for people of color to stop feeding into post traumatic slave syndrome, and believing the lies that we are not a beautiful race and are only considered beautiful and worthy, the more we change our appearance to resemble Europeans! Black people, we are a beautiful, strong and worthy people! It is time that we start looking at the pain and trauma from the past and begin addressing the issues of self-loathing, which many of us have unfortunately, internalized and are subsequently and sadly, subjecting others to! This is a conversation/dialogue which some have begun and needs to become woven into the fabric of our daily lives and culture. It is absolutely sad and shameful that we are STILL putting each other down and psychologically abusing one another based upon the color of our skin, texture of our hair, and the size of our lips and noses etc….to list just a few. I mean, for Heaven’s sake, there is no such thing as “bad hair!” Enough already! In addition, the issue of those people of color who feel that they are superior over others due to their physical appearance, MUST be addressed at the same time! Quite frankly, those from the community who are in the eye of the media in my opinion, have a responsibility NOT to reinforce these and I’m saddened to say, racist ideas which we have internalized and continue to oppress each other with, in addition to dealing with the on going racism that we are subjected to from whites! Shame on those rappers/musicians and other public figures, who continue to sell their souls by exploiting our beautiful community, in the name of the mighty dollar!!!! This ALL needs to stop!

  2. August 13, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Publicity stunt to attract what he precieves as a larger audiance. The Blacker the Berry The Sweeter the Juice. Having traveled the world I can only speek for myself, a gorgeous dark skinned woman will command and audiance world wide faster than they will in the US, we are still programmed about color. For those who haven’t traveled outside the US Borders, Sista’s are highly respected in some of the wealthiest homes on earth.

    The Brother needs to get a grip.

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