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Families Victimized by Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Speak to the Court

Serial killer Anthony Sowell's victim's families speak out

Anthony Sowell, a 51-year old Ohio serial killer up for the death penalty on 82 counts of aggravated murder, rape, attempted murder, and kidnapping, is sorry for what he did; but the families of his victims and his near-victims (the three women who survived his attacks) aren’t buying it. All of Sowell’s victims were black women.

Judge Dick Ambrose, who will impose sentencing on Friday, is permitted to reduce a death penalty sentence to life without parole.

Of the potential death sentence, Dorothy Pollard, whose niece Diane Turner was one of the victims, said she would like to see it happen immediately. “Kill him tonight. He don’t deserve to live,” she said. Donnita Carmichael, whose mother, Tonia, was killed by Sowell, said, “Justice finally. Everybody’s happy.” Vanessa Gay, one of Sowell’s victims who survived an attack and says she saw a headless body in his house, said “Does he feel shame? Does he feel anything? I want him to hurt, not physically. If he has a soul, I want him to hurt.” Ms Gay, whose name would normally not be publicly revealed, chose to speak out about her ordeal.

    August 11, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    He will die and the victims will never ever feel complete closure. Because every birthday celebrated will be a remebrance of what happpend and what could have happened…..

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