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Convicted Serial Killer Apologizes to Try to Avoid the Death Penalty

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Kirsten West Savali, Your Black World 

Found guilty of the violent murders of 11 women, a Cleveland, Ohio man apologizes to his victims’ families on Monday, using his alleged troubled past to gain sympathy from the jury.

Serial killer, Anthony Sowell, 51, began methodically luring women with alcohol and drugs to his Cleveland residence in 2007. According to the Associated Press, many of the victims had been missing for weeks or months. They were put in garbage bags and plastic sheets, then dumped in various parts of the house and backyard.

Police began finding the skeletal remains of his victims — including a skull — in 2009, after a woman reported being raped at Sowell’s home.

“I’m sorry,” Sowell said in the still courtroom after a 30-minute unsworn statement, “I know that might not sound like a lot.”

Defense attorney, John Parker, attempted to humanize Sowell by calling to the stand social worker, Lori James-Townes, who testified that he had experienced a “horrible childhood,”  including being both victim and witness to physical abuse, debilitating illness, and a lack of paternal influence. However, under cross-examination by the prosecution, James-Townes admitted that there was no documented evidence of abuse in the killer’s childhood, and that all of the information had come from Sowell himself.

In a bizarre twist, the defense also introduced Sowell’s alleged repeated rape of his 10-year old niece, while he was 11, as evidence of him being worthy of leniency.

Relatives of the victims wiped away tears as Sowell shrugged off his behaviour with the meaningless words, “I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain it.”

The jury will decide if Sowell receives the death penalty or life in prison. He has previously served a 15-year prison term for rape.


Kirsten West Savali is an independent journalist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her provocative topics explore the interconnectivity of race, gender, politics and culture. Kirsten’s commentary can be found on AOLBlackVoices.com, BlackPower.com, BirthplaceMagazine.com, CarsonVentureMagazine.com, The Loop21.com, and others. She is also founder of The Nomadic Poets Oasis, a website dedicated to the elevation and exposure of Poetry and Spoken Word.  Connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter: @KWestSavali

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