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TSA To Implement Less Intrusive Pat Down Policy for Children, Elderly

Elliot Millner

After receiving outraged responses for conducting pat downs of small children, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that it will change the policy it uses for screening young children, and in some cases the elderly.

The new policy, which the TSA is working to put in place around the country, will instruct TSA screeners to make multiple attempts to visually screen young children before performing physically invasive pat downs. The new policy should greatly decrease, but not totally eliminate, the need to do pat downs on small children.

I completely understand the civil liberties and privacy issues relating to these physically invasive searches. Even if we know that we aren’t carrying anything illegal, it can still feel as though you are being violated. However I also know that there are people out there who would be more than willing to use small children or elderly people to carry explosives onto an airplane or other form of mass transportation. In this instance I think the TSA is making a good effort to balance the rights of the individual with performing the necessary security screenings to make sure that we are able to travel safely.

The ultimate objective here should be to provide protection and security to passengers while utilizing the least intrusive methods possible. Given the technology presently available, the need to perform any type of physically invasive search (of any person of any age) should be very rare.

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