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Unemployment Benefits Disappearing, No Jobs On the Horizon: What Exactly Are People To Do?

Elliot Millner

The news just keeps getting worse for those who are unemployed or underemployed. According to a recent report, despite the fact that the jobless rate in the U.S. continues to rise, many of those newly unemployed people will likely be limited to 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits, at best. This is because the deadline to file for extended federal unemployment benefits expires in December 2011, meaning that if a person hasn’t filed for benefits by approximately July 1, federal benefits won’t be an option.

Add this news to the recent report that the numbers of those chronically unemployed(unemployed from six months to a year or longer) is on the rise and it begs the question: What exactly are these people supposed to do? With Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, and looking to cut spending, the likelihood of any unemployment benefits extensions are slim to none.

There are always a few morons who claim that all of the people on unemployment are lazy, don’t want to work, aren’t looking hard enough, etc. However, most rational people understand that the majority of those on unemployment would much rather be working than receiving paltry unemployment checks each week. The reality is that there just aren’t enough jobs available for the people looking for them. Talking about the shortages of workers in engineering and other technical fields is good for those who are still in the educational process, but it does nothing for people who need work now.

The frustration that people are feeling about the state of the economy is justified, and President Obama’s response (or lack of) only increases that frustration. President Obama’s recent initiative to focus on manufacturing jobs is almost laughable. Yes, come to community college and get a degree that will help you get a job manufacturing steel, or automobiles, or computer parts. Where are these jobs? Well, we don’t actually know that yet. Just trust us though.

Despite all the attempts to sugarcoat the issue by self-serving politicians, times are desperate for a lot of the U.S. population, particularly for Black people, who struggle with employment even in good times. It is almost unbelievable what many Black citizens have tolerated in the name of “supporting” President Obama. It is not your job to support him, it is his job to support you, by creating jobs, not giving pretty speeches that lack any substance. It is possible to support President Obama and at the same time advocate for issues that are important to our communities. By remaining quiet about issues that are having a devastating impact on our communities, you aren’t being “loyal”, you’re being a fool.

  1. Avery
    June 9, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    How is that hope and change working out for us black people. How can anyone support Obama. Just maybe it is true black people are stupid.

  2. September 30, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    For those on unemployment remember you will also have the opportunity to earn a partial benefit credit. That means you can earn up to a certain amount, perhaps you found a part-time job, without your weekly benefit being reduced.

    As an example, your determination letter may say you are on Tier 2, will be paid $400.00 per week, and can earn up to $150.00 per week from a job, without any money being taken away from your $400.00 benefit. Thus, you take home $550.00 that week; $400.00 from unemployment compensation and $150.00 from your part-time job.

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