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Tyler Perry Speaks on Spike Lee…..Again

Your Black World Reports

Tyler Perry keeps answering questions about Spike Lee, who has been critical of his films as of late.  After his latest film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family,”  Perry had this to say about Spike:

“You know what’s unfortunate about that is what I wish he had done was come to me,” said Perry.  “If he had an issue with what I was doing, call me,  man to man, let’s have a conversation.  Don’t go in public talking to people so that every time I’m asked a question, I’m asked ‘Spike Lee said.’  Every time somebody asks me anything about what I do: ‘Spike Lee said’. You know it’s getting pretty annoying to me. So, no I haven’t had a conversation with him.  I only called him once to congratulate him on ‘Inside Man’ when it opened and tell him what a huge fan I was of his.”

  1. clarice seegars
    April 28, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    The difference between you Mr. Perry and Spike Lee is that you have a passion for your people. It shows at the box office,your work speaks to the people you love. When you no longer carry that torch of love and the amount of money you gross becomes the dominate factor in your productions, it will show. Spike Lee would like to DO THE RIGHT THING but it’s heard when you are not really in touch with regular folk. I don’t mean Basketball stars,rap artist,and people who are politically correct. Spike Lee must have some aunts,cousins or brothers who he can reconnect with to help him remember real every day struggles.

  2. Janice A
    April 29, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    I am ashamed of Spike Lee and his comments.I almost want to call him Mr. Lee but that would not convey my true feelings in regard to respect for him, I won’t call him Mr., I’ll just say Spike. Spike is doing what many persons do when they do not reach the level of succes that the person they denigrate have reached. Instead of swallowing his false pride and offer his congrats he chooses to be sour about another man achieving the succes that eluded him.
    Look here “Mookie”, when you can let go of your jealousy you may arrive at the succesful platform Mr. Perry has arrived at. This man has proven his talent. It is not buffoonery , it is a man who had a vision and went for it, he did not give up and for that I applaud him- Mr. Perry, although I refer to him as Tyler because he is my friend, though we have never met.
    His movies and plays are real and down to earth, with exaggerated circumstances and situations but then that is what plays and movies are about, embellishment, correct.
    Black situations are not limited to the hood and pizza parlors . Mr. Perry put his genious to work at giving a realistic look at life for various situations. I must admit , the first T.P. play I saw made me think twice , and I was not a fan, but he grew and I love his work , though he remained true to his original line , he improved , as one does with time , money and dreams as well as visions. He realized that not everyone wanted to see what looked like a low budget movie in the hood . I am so sorry for you, I really thought you were a better and bigger person, this is an example of black on black hate .
    Get it together Spike and let the jealousy go, the numbers don’t lie.

  3. Edwina Dunbar-Johnson
    April 29, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    I am so unhappy of what is taking place here. We should be celebrating our Black men success instead of one feauding against the other. I’m hoping Spike Lee was not of his right mind when he made his comment(s). Our people need to support one another and stick together. Like Mr. Perry said; “why didn’t Spike call me and talk man-to-man”. I agree. You really can’t say from the bottom of your heart Spike that Mr. Perry films haven’t been rewarding and fun to watch. I’ve enjoyed every one of this man’s movies and not too many people make me laugh. Tyler Perry called you to congratulate you on ‘Inside Man’ when it opened and to tell you what a huge fan he was of yours’. Even if you did not like Perry’s films, you could have called him silently and vent your dislike and not prosecute him in public. What’s wrong with our people. Why can’t we stick together. I’m wishing, hoping, contemplating, praying that Lee and Perry will resolve this issue pretty soon. Let’s conduct ourselves like humans and someone better call someone and put this to rest just like mature adults. Okay my brothers, GOD Bless.

  4. M Sheard
    April 30, 2011 at 6:46 am

    We as people here on earth must/should learn to love one another. Can you not see what is going on around us. Look at the world there are destructions, homeless, sickness, dying all around us, you name it. For the love of heavens do not be so critical of another fellow man. We all strive to be the best that we can. Some reach their goals before others and surpassed, however, that doesn’t mean that we should tear down, nor degrade our fellow man. Let us pray for each, love, respect and be considerate of our fellow man. Do you think God is please with you Mr Spike Lee? Wake up, smell the roses, thank God for your life, health and strength be grateful that you are where you are, and continue to strive for the top. You and Mr Perry have produce good movies, think about it. I have enjoyed all of Mr Tyler Perry’s movies.

  5. XM
    April 30, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    The difference between Spike and Perry is the same difference between city mouse and country mouse. One knows art and is appreciated by artists and art-lovers. The other knows what his miseducated black women want – talking heads and jokes about fried chicken and grits – with a lil Jesus thrown in like a stamp of approval.

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