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Children Dying in Chicago at an Alarming Pace

Two weeks ago, 3-year-old Jaquan Reed was fatally shot on Chicago, Illinois’, West Side.

Men participate in the Million Father March to support children going to school.

Men participate in the Million Father March to support children going to school.

While the case shook the city, such shootings involving children are no longer rare in the Windy City. Within the current academic year, 36 Chicago-area students were killed.

Essence.com spoke to Phillip Jackson, a well-known political activist in the city and also founder of Black Star Project, a Chicago-based community outreach group, about what is being done to end the senseless shootings involving children.

The following is an edited version of that interview:

ESSENCE: There have been so many shootings and deaths. Please tell us what’s happening in Chicago? ESSENCE: Xerox names Ursula Burns CEO

Phillip Jackson: This is a national catastrophe that is happening while we as a country do nothing. We’re asking for national attention. This is a pandemic. We will not be able to solve this problem in Chicago unless they can solve this same problem in Houston [Texas] and other cities. Video Watch our panelists talk about the growing violence in Chicago »

ESSENCE: The nation’s first black president is from Chicago. And you still do not feel like there is enough attention placed on this problem?

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  1. Yormie Boukman
    June 2, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    They had better stop killing the youths out there. Im from London, UK and here its a trend that has started amongst under 18 year olds/minors. They are being killed and they are all, save one or two WELL publicised cases, black. This shit is sick, if anyone should be getting killed, it should be the OLDER men too afraid to make their mark in society. There is no reason for the babies to pay for this breakdown in communal relations. None at all. And all the older generation are doing, is passing down judgement, as if they were in any position, whatsoever, to do so. The days of KKK don’t apply to this generation, now the enemy/killer is much more closer to home. It’s just not as upsetting to black people who strive to be accepted in this society.

    Bottom line, the children are getting fucked up out there.

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