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Dr Boyce goes to Nigeria

Dr. Boyce Watkins


I just returned from an awesome speaking event in Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Pujo Oyemade, a visionary leader in the Nigerian community, created a semi-annual event called “The Platform”, which is one of the most respected economic empowerment venues in the country. The Pastor invited me and some other business leaders to discuss the entrepreneurial spirit and how it can be best used to unleash the awesome potential of the Nigerian economy.

The event organizers met us with Barack Obama-like security, complete with serious looking brothers with dark suits and even darker sunglasses. I felt completely safe in a country that has been falsely presented to the world as a haven of danger. Nigeria is not nearly as scary as the media depicts it: like any other nation, there is both good and bad. Unfortunately, the bad has gotten more attention than it deserves.

I arrived in my hotel, a swank and comfortable spot right on the beach, ready to sleep off the jet lag. I was ready to take a nap in the hallway if necessary, since I was as tired as you can get. I crawled toward my bed with my last ounce of energy, shocked at who would be greeting me in my room: It was Jay-Z.

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  1. May 5, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    Hi Dr Boyce Watkins.
    I was there when u made ur visit to our great country NIGERIA.Hope u find it fun?,am realy greatfull for finding out time out of ur busy schedule to touch so many lifes in nigeria,i think u touched mine as well.well i like to get more close to u because i love move with great people with great asspiration.so if i may request i want you to write back to me so that i will always mail u for more moltivational messages.am also planig coming over to the USA.Texas,for my University,Butr the addmision had not done wet,so i would want to know if i will be able to shere my dreams with u if u dont mind?.My regards to ur LOvly Family and the Blacks in US.
    Warm regards
    Tobias From NIGERIA.

  1. June 3, 2009 at 8:19 pm

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