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Your Black World: Gay Rights Activists Mad At Black Voters For Prop 8


Stop Blaming California’s Black Voters for Prop 8

By: Raymond Leon Roker

Excuse me? I voted against Proposition 8. I’m among the 30 percent of black Californians that did so. And as much as I can condemn the homophobia and intolerance that drove a portion of the 70 percent of blacks that voted in favor of Proposition 8’s ban on gay marriage, it’s an outrage to lay its passage at their feet. I’ve read several editorials already about how the ungrateful blacks betrayed gays right after America gave them their first president. I know there are some wounds and frayed nerves right now, but this type of condescending, divide and conquer isn’t going to help at all. And it’s a gross oversimplification of what happened.

According to the exit polling, there’s enough blame to go around. Don’t forget the 49 percent of Asians who voted for Prop 8. And the 53 percent of Latinos who fell in line for it too. And then there is the white vote in support of 8. Slightly under 50% percent of them, a group representing 63% of California voters, voted “Yes” on 8. Last I checked blacks held little sway over all of those groups […]

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  1. What does it matter
    November 7, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Well I’m one of the 70% that voted for reserving the term (Marriage) for a Man and A Woman. I’m tired of the gay lobby’s attempts to include themselves in the civil rights banner and I’m tired of them forcing their ways on everyone else.

    No big deal. I have a vote, they have a vote, my vote won this time.

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