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Your Black World Headlines: 10/31/2008

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Your Black Sports: Judge Says Michael Vick Must Appear In Person

October 30, 2008 Leave a comment

A judge reportedly denied a request by Michael Vick’s lawyers to allow him to plead guilty to state dogfighting charges via videoconference from federal prison on Thursday.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Thursday that Surry County Circuit Judge Samuel E. Campbell denied the request during a hearing in Sussex County court. Vick’s attorneys made the request so that the disgraced former Atlanta Falcons quarterback would not have to leave prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, where he is serving a 23-month sentence for a federal dogfighting charge.

The state’s attorney objected to the defense’s request, and Campbell agreed, as there is no allowance in Virginia law for someone to plead via videoconference, according to the paper [...]

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Your Black World Headlines: 10/29/2008

October 29, 2008 1 comment

Your Black Politics: Barack Obama Channels Inner Chris Rock (Mays Gilliam): “That Ain’t Right”

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In a rally yesterday, Sen. Obama criticized Sen. McCain’s Health Care plan. Most intriguing, however, was Sen. Obama’s choice of words. In his speech, Obama utilized a catch-phrase popularized by Chris Rock’s “Head Of State” character, Mays Gilliam. “That ain’t right,” Sen. Obama remarked, as he tore apart McCain’s unremarkable Health Care tax proposals.

Watch the eerie similarity between Barack Obama and Mays Gilliam from “Head Of State”:

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Your Black Politics: Obama Insists Race Not A Factor In ’08 Election

October 5, 2008 5 comments

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is pointing to the success of his presidential campaign as a sign that voters won’t reject him based on race.

“The fact of the matter is people have been continually looking for how race will impact this campaign,” Obama said in a satellite interview Friday with Washington’s WJLA ABC 7. “And yet, I’m here, 30 days out, competitive in Virginia.”

The former Confederate state looked safe for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), but Obama is now pressuring him or beating him in polls of commonwealth voters…

Obama told WJLA’s Leon Harris and Rebecca Cooper that he’ll be able to win over even more undecided voters in Virginia: “I think that it’s just a matter of people getting more familiar with me and knowing what my track record is.”

Obama added that he will do more than big rallies to make the sale. “If you don’t do some retail politics and people can see up close and lift the hood and kick the tires, a lot of times, they’re not going to trust you,” he said…



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