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Your Black Education: NCAA = Black Student Athlete Pimps

December 10, 2008 Leave a comment


The Sports MCs Present: The Saturday Huddle

By: The Sports MCs


The approach of autumn leaves and pom – poms can mean only one thing: college football is back for another season of Pigskin Pimpin’.

And the prognosticators and perpetrators will, no doubt offer their take on which institution will get paid the most BCS money come January.

But what always seems to get lost in the sauce is the fact the machine that is college football keeps it crack – a – lackin’ for everyone; except those most responsible for its success – the student – athletes.

Enter the MCs.

In our endeavor to flip the script, we plan to show some of the inner workings of this machine – and hopefully address some big – picture issues that will get some of the capitalist pigs to move over in the trough — or least think twice before they oink [...]

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