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Your Black Scholar: Interview With Motivational Speaker Caitlin Powell

December 24, 2008 2 comments


Interview with Youth Motivational Speaker, Caitlin Powell, by Tolu Olorunda.

Caitlin Powell is a role-model, motivational speaker, writer, telecaster and singer – all packed into one. The catch: She’s a mere 10 years of age! Though a fifth grader, Caitlin’s exceptional intellect is inspiring kids and parents across the country. Caitlin, who loves reading and studying math, is also the host of her very own webcast titled, “Caitlin’s Corner TV.” As one who takes advanced courses in her school, Caitlin knows, first hand, how challenging school can be. In her nationally-syndicated webcast, Caitlin offers tips and advices to her peers, on how to lead a fruitful life and embrace the challenges that come. Caitlin Powell is also a role model to her two younger siblings, who look up to her, being the oldest, for leadership. recently had the opportunity to speak with Caitlin on her interests, the joy of reading, motivational speaking and much, much more:

Thanks for joining us, Caitlin. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m involved in my courses at my school; I love to sing; I’m on the telecast – it’s a lot of fun. I do the announcer #1, announcer # 2, camera-director and sound. My favorite is actually announcer #1, because you get to share a lot of information about what’s going on in the school. [...]

In your latest webcast, you mentioned math as your favorite subject. Why is that?

Well, it gets my brain working; it’s really hard and challenging – and I love a good challenge. So, I stay really smart, and I hope I have a good future.

A lot of your peers dislike math for this reason. Why? And how can you help them come to love it, just as much as you do?

Full Interview At Your Black Scholar

Your Black News: Teacher Under Fire For Slavery Reenactment Excercise

December 5, 2008 2 comments

HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. (AP) ― A white teacher attempted to enliven a seventh grade discussion of slavery by binding the hands and feet of two black girls, prompting a complaint from one girl’s mother and the local chapter of the NAACP.

After the mother complained to the school, the superintendent said he was having “conversations with our staff on how to deliver effective lessons.”

“If a student was upset, then it was a bad idea,” said Superintendent Brian Monahan of the North Rockland School District in New York City’s northern suburbs.

The teacher apologized to the 13-year-old student and her mother during a meeting Thursday that also included a representative of the local NAACP. But the mother, Christine Shand of Haverstraw, said Friday she thinks the teacher should be removed from the class [...]

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Your Black Education: Mississippi Students Banned From Speaking About Obama

November 11, 2008 Leave a comment


PEARL, MS (WLBT) – Teachers are prohibiting students from talking about President-Elect Barack Obama.  WLBT’s newsroom has been flooded by calls and emails from angry parents in several cities.  These parents say their children were threatened with suspension if they said Obama’s name or wore clothing that supports him. [...]

“It’s like they’ve taken their rights way,” said Natalie Taylor.  She decided not to show her face because she is afraid of retaliation against her son who attends Pearl Junior High School.

“He told me he was warned by one of the teachers before school started that he could not mention the name because he would get in trouble,” said Taylor. [...]

“Racism at its best, that’s really what it is,” said Paula Loften of Magee.  She has two children in the Simpson County School District in Magee.  She is angry that students are not allowed to wear any clothing that supports the new President-Elect.

“One student was sent home to change because she had on a Barack Obama T-shirt and on the back it said “yes we can,” said Loten [...]

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