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Your Black News: Racist Commissioner Compares Michelle Obama To A Spider

December 12, 2008 2 comments

Canyon County Commissioner Steve Rule is coming under fire for circulating an e-mail that compares Michelle Obama’s election-night dress to a black widow spider. [...]

Jill Kuraitis of New obtained a printed copy of the e-mail, which 0829-michelle-obama-dnc-thakoon-dress-fa012Rule received from a family member then forwarded to 26 people from his county e-mail account on Dec. 2.

Kuraitis said the e-mail features a photo of a black widow spider next to a photo of Michelle Obama in a black and red dress holding her elder daughter’s hand at the election-night event where Barack Obama accepted his election as the next president of the United States. Featuring boldface and underlines for emphasis, the e-mail reads, in part: “The female has a very wide backside, is Black, and has a red hour glass shaped marking on her belly You can find this spider in: Closets, Wood piles, Under Beds And soonTHE WHITE HOUSE!!!!”

Kuraitis decried the message as racist. [...]

“I didn’t see it that way,” Rule told the Idaho Statesman. “I didn’t study the e-mail I just thought the markings on her dress was very similar to that of the spider, and I thought it was kind of funny [...]

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