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Your Black Life: SNL’s Paterson Sketch ‘Blind’ To Plight Of The Visually Impaired

December 16, 2008 Leave a comment


SNL’s Bigoted Paterson Sketch Falls Flat

By: Tolu Olorunda

Staff Writer –

In a highly distasteful Saturday Night Live sketch, depicting New York Gov David Paterson as a New Jersey-hating, wandering, drug-loving, blind buffoon, many found comedic value. As the studio audience applauded and cheered, even with the Paterson-impersonator equating blindness with “something awful,” the mock-fest increasingly drew deeper into the well of immorality. However, others were not so amused – including the Governor himself. In a Press-Conference Monday morning, David Paterson commented that, while he can “take a joke,” the SNL spoof came off more as a “third-grade depiction of [blind] people and the way they look.” Paterson was concerned that SNL misled its audience into thinking that “disability goes hand-in-hand with an inability to run a government or business.” [...]

In addition to Governor Paterson, the National Federation of the Blind also faults Saturday Night Live with pushing the envelope on satire [...]

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