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Your Black Brothers: Judge Mathis: Street Judge

December 13, 2008 1 comment

streetjudgecoverlarger1In this fast-paced, sexually charged thriller, a newly appointed judge
is caught up in a gritty case involving a brutally murdered woman as
well as a blackmail scheme involving an overzealous femme fatale
determined to sleep her way to the top of Detroit’s society page. [...]

In one of the city’s most horrific crimes ever, a young single parent has been discovered decapitated in an alleyway, with her head located several blocks away. The police are stumped until the arrest of a drug dealer promises to reveal vital information about the case.

The only problem? The drug dealer won’t talk to anyone but Judge Mathis. [...]

Crossing paths with people from his past who have decided to benefit from criminal activity, Mathis stands up for the innocents who cannot defend themselves. From establishing a drug rehabilitation center to helping the youth through a mentoring program, Mathis is much more than a judge, for he once walked on the wrong side of the law as well [...]

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