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Your Black News: Wal-Mart Shoppers Give Jdimytai Damour The Death Penalty

December 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Wal-Mart Shoppers Give Jdimytai Damour The Death Penalty
By: Tolu Olorunda
Staff Writer –

Even for the strong-willed, it takes a level of soul-numbness to digest the eye-witness accounts of shoppers whose uncontrollable greed ended the life of Jdimytai Damour.

While many have remained shocked at the level of apathy directed at the 34-year old Jamaican native’s fragile soul, various anti-consumerism advocates have kindly outlined the inevitability of this tragic incident, following years of programming through relentless advertisements, by Wal-Mart and co. [...]

The actions of the Valley Stream shoppers are appalling, but also inevitable, in our television-controlled realm of existence. A TV-raised generation is illimitably susceptible to the felicities of temporary pleasure, and satisfaction [...]

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Your Black Life: Wal-Mart Shoppers Mocked Dying Worker

December 8, 2008 Leave a comment

NEW YORK — He took his last breath on the floor at Wal-Mart, between the soda machines and a device that gives change for cans and plastic.

Trampled by a mob of bargain-hungry Black Friday shoppers, Jdimytai Damour, 34, died by asphyxiation, leaving people asking: Why, and how?

Audio-enhanced chatter captured on a cellphone video posted on YouTube and interviews with witnesses offer some hints. [...]

“They need to shock him,” a voice says.

The paramedic stops pumping. The man’s shirt has been pulled to his neck, revealing his belly. A woman in the crowd mutters, “Pregnant.”

Another cracks a joke.

The women laugh.

The trouble at Wal-Mart began well before the sun rose on Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving [...]

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Your Black Life: Death Of Black Man At Walmart Indicts Consumerist Society

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment

From Democracy Now!:

A Wal-Mart employee in Long Island, New York died after being trampled to death by a mob of shoppers on Friday, the traditional first day of the holiday shopping season. The 34-year-old worker Jdimytai Damour was killed after a crowd of 2,000 broke down store doors and ran over him shortly before the store”s schedule 5 a.m. opening. Four shoppers were injured in the stampede. Nassau County police were trying to determine what happened during the stampede, but said it was unclear if there would be any criminal charges:

Your Black News: Walmart Worker Death: A Pitfall Of Consumerism

December 1, 2008 Leave a comment

“Outta My Way, I’m shopping at Wal-Mart.”

That actual bumper-sticker sums up the attitude of the only thing worse than Wal-Mart in our culture: Wal-Mart shoppers.

The killing of a Wal-Mart worker this week during an early morning crush of customers at the retailer’s dec02_-0492Valley Stream, Long Island store has given the company a Black Eye from Black Friday.

Law enforcement officials are reviewing the video tape of the incident for possible criminal charges, but Wal-Mart corporate attorneys are no doubt looking at the video to determine the extent of the company’s legal liability in the case. The retailer may be more preoccupied with how to prevent a multi-million lawsuit from the family of the dead worker, than how to prevent another Black Friday death. [...]

The 2,000 or so Wal-Mart shoppers at the Valley Stream store were merely lab rats responding to a stimulus. When the door opened, they went after the cheese [...]

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Your Black News: Keys To Protecting Privacy On ‘Cyber Monday’

November 30, 2008 1 comment

identity-theft(WHAS11) -It’s considered the ceremonial kickoff to the online holiday shopping season, and if you like to stay away from the crowds, you might be more of a Cyber Monday person than a Black Friday person. [...]

The Better Business Bureau recommends you focus your shopping with reputable merchants.

The BBB also warns you to use caution when shopping online. Scammers are out there waiting to take advantage of eager consumers.

And always make sure the site is secure.

Double check for the “https,” most importantly the “s”.

That means you are in a secure site for your personal information.

The BBB also recommends you pay with a credit card, because under federal law the shopper can dispute the charges if the items never arrive.

Also, make sure your computer is up to date with the latest anti-virus protection.

From WHAS 11

Your Black Scholar: Strategies For Overcoming The Holiday Blues

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment

morrow-blues1Strategies For Overcoming The Holiday Blues
By: Dr. Gloria Morrow

The holiday season can be the loneliest time of the year, especially during the month of December. Even though the research refutes the notion that the highest rate of suicides occurs in the month of December, many people do experience the Holiday Blues because of the loss of a loved one, exhaustion, separation from family and close friends, feelings of failure due to unmet goals and expectations, significant changes and increased stress. Some may even experience the Holiday Blues because they cannot afford to go Christmas shopping.

This year has been particularly difficult for many people in the African American community because of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the massive loss of life, property, jobs, and familiar surroundings. Therefore, it may be harder for people to handle the stress of such events, especially around the holidays [...]

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