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Your Black Hip-Hop: Jasiri X Weekly Newscast — Hip-Hop Style!

December 27, 2008 1 comment

Hip-Hop Emcee/Newscaster, Jasiri X returns with his weekly Hip-Hop newscasts. For this week, current events include the ongoing Iraq-shoe fiasco, Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi Scheme, the Obama-Rev. Warren controversy, Soulja Boy ‘apologizing’ to his fans, the mysterious death of Billey Joe Johnson and more:

Your Black Hip-Hop: Jasiri X Weekly Newscast — Hip-Hop Style!

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Hip-Hop Emcee/Newscaster, Jasiri X returns with his weekly Hip-Hop newscasts. For this week, current events include the Iraq-shoe incident, Gov. Blagojevich’s pay-to-play endeavors, mass-media tying Obama to the Illinois scandal, Chicago Police carrying M4s, and the failing economy:

Your Black News Headlines: 12/16/2008

December 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Your Black News: Shoes Hurled At Bush — With Video

December 14, 2008 Leave a comment

An Iraqi reporter, and correspondent for the Cairo-based Al-Baghdadia TV, threw his shoes at President Bush earlier today. This is a raw video of the incident:

Your Black Hip-Hop: Jasiri X Weekly Newscast — Hip-Hop Style!

December 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Hip-Hop Emcee/Newscaster, Jasiri X, returns with his weekly Hip-Hop newscasts. For this week, current events include  the failing economy, George Bush’s confessions, the ongoing Plaxico Burress fiasco, the Detroit 3 Auto-Bailout, Chicago workers sit-in, Clarence “Tom Us” questioning President-Elect Obama’s citizenship, and more:

Your Black News: George Bush’s New Neighborhood Segregated Until 2000?

December 7, 2008 Leave a comment

As President Bush prepares to move into his new Dallas home at the end of his term, neighborhood residents worry about having him close by. [...]

But the exclusive Dallas community the Bush family will soon join has a troubled history of its own.

Until 2000, the neighborhood association’s covenant said only white people were allowed to live there, though an exception was made for servants.

Enacted in 1956, part of the original document reads: “Said property shall be used and occupied by white persons except those shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of different race or nationality in the employ of a tenant.” [...]

The neighborhood is home to many famous people, including former presidential candidate Ross Perot and Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner [...]

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Your Black News: Obama To Keep Robert Gates As Defense Secretary

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

xin_09110310140597918234741Sources tell ABC News that Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be staying on in the top Pentagon job, for at least the first year of the Obama administration. “It is a done deal,” a source close to the process tells ABC News.

Gates, while a registered independent, has served numerous Republican administrations. President George W. Bush nominated Gates to replace the Donald Rumsfeld after the 2006 midterm elections, when the war in Iraq was spiraling out of control.

The former Eagle Scout is expected to be rolled out immediately after the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend as part of a larger national security team expected to include Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, as Secretary of State; Marine Gen. Jim Jones (Ret.) as National Security Adviser; Admiral Dennis Blair (Ret.) as Director of National Intelligence; and Dr. Susan Rice as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

As CIA Director for President George H.W. Bush in 1992, Gates conveyed to incoming President Bill Clinton that he wished to stay on in that role. Clinton did not keep him on, replacing him instead with Jim Woolsey.

From ABC News

Your Black Education: Is Dumb The New Smart?

November 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Stupid American Videos or “Is Our Children Learning?”
By: Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD

Reprinted From Black Commentator

But we are unbelievably ignorant concerning what goes on in our country – to say nothing of what does on in the rest of the world – and appear to have become too timid to question what we are told.

- James Baldwin, Nothing Personal

Viewing these videos gave me an excuse for spending time on You Tube. It’s about culture, I said to myself. In fact, it is about the American culture. Since so many Americans have never read Whitman or Hemingway or Morrison. Many have limited knowledge of Frederick Douglass, Cesar Chavez, or Sitting Bull. Since most don’t read and have never read a novel and others can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Of the 158 countries in the United Nations, writers Morris Berman, the U.S. ranks “forty-ninth in literacy.” 60 percent of the American adult population “has never read a book of any kind, and only 6 percent reads as much as one book a year, where a book is defined to include Harlequin romances and self-help manuals.” Berman’s research also discovered that 120 Americans are illiterate or “read at no better than a fifth-grade level.” It’s no wonder that most American citizens can’t tell the difference between thinking and non-thinking.

For most Americans, American culture is McDonald or Nike [...]

Full Article At Your Black Education

Your Black Hip-Hop: Jasiri X Weekly Newscast — Hip-Hop Style!

October 17, 2008 Leave a comment

The fire-breathing Hip-Hop Emcee, Jasiri X, returns with his weekly Hip-Hop newscasts. This week’s current events include, the financial meltdown, Sarah Palin’s abuse of power, John McCain’s “erratic” behavior, and much more.

For the week of October 5 – October 12:

Your Black Hip-Hop: Jasiri X Gives Weekly Round Up — Hip-Hop Style!

October 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Hip-Hop artist, Jasiri X, ‘raps up’ the September 28 – October 4 week — Hip-Hop Style!:

Reposted From Your Black Hip-Hop

Your Black News: House Repubs Finally ‘Grow A Pair’ — Bailout Deal Fails

September 29, 2008 2 comments

The House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue package, ignoring urgent pleas from President Bush and bipartisan congressional leaders to quickly bail out the staggering financial industry.

Stocks plummeted on Wall Street even before the 228-205 vote to reject the bill was announced on the House floor.

When the critical vote was tallied, too few members of the House were willing to support the unpopular measure with elections just five weeks away. Ample no votes came from both the Democratic and Republican sides of the aisle.

Bush and a host of leading congressional figures had implored the lawmakers to pass the legislation despite howls of protest from their constituents back home.

The vote had been preceded by unusually aggressive White House lobbying, and spokesman Tony Fratto said that Bush had used a “call list” of people he wanted to persuade to vote yes as late as just a short time before the vote…



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