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Your Black Politics: Bob Beckel’s Racist Tirade Against Charles Barkley

October 31, 2008 Leave a comment

In an interview with CNN’s Campbell Brown, Monday night, NBA legend, Charles Barkley, mentioned that racism was still an integral part of U.S. political life. Surprisingly, FOX News wasn’t to happy about it, and talk-show host, Sean Hannity, made much hoopla about it on his show last night. “Liberal Commentator,” Bob Beckel, was featured as a guest to provide some analysis on Barkley’s charge. Beckel responded saying, “I would rather take the words of a drunk on the corner down here on politics than Charles Barkley’s… He’s a great basketball player, but he ought to stay there. That’s exactly right. And not wander into our neighborhood, you know.” What does Beckel mean by “our neighborhood?” Perhaps, in Beckle and FOX News’s minds, Black athletes can only function one-dimensionally. This might explain why politically-conscious athletes like Etan Thomas have become increasingly marginalized in mainstream athleticism:

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