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Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.: One Of The First “Thrown Under The Bus” Continues To Speak Out

Elliot Millner

In a sermon given recently at Shorter Community A.M.E Church in Denver, Colorado, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. touched on several issues, particularly those relating to Black men and the various “mess ups” we can find ourselves involved in.

Rev. Wright, who is most famously known as President Obama’s former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, has long been an active and outspoken individual. In fact, Rev. Wright’s resume of speaking and working for the underprivileged can go toe to toe with pretty much anyone’s, including his most famous former congregant.

While in Denver, Rev. Wright focused on a broad range of issues, including those relating to adultery, which is an especially hot topic these days given the recent admissions of Rep. Anthony Weiner. Wright said, “The higher the levels, the greater the devils. David’s words have blessed millions of people, but David still messed up”.

What has always struck me as odd is how much Rev. Wright was vilified by numerous Black people for simply standing behind his words. There were many so focused on the historical meaning of getting the first Black President elected that it didn’t matter what needed to be done or who needed to be run over to make it happen. Having worked in politics, I understand that it is a dirty business. However, being willing to discard as trash those you once considered as close friends, and even mentors, is not excusable simply by saying “that’s politics”. That speaks to the character of a person, and what it says isn’t good.

I support President Obama in doing what needs to be done to help get the country back on the proper track. However, I’m also glad to see that Rev. Wright is still remaining vocal and active, and didn’t allow the negative media-fueled backlash from the 2008 election deter him from continuing his work of positivity.

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  1. June 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    My comment is: “no comment”…not about to say anything that could be misconstrued to sound like I am taking sides. Let each man’s walk do all the talking in these matters!

  2. catherine
    June 14, 2011 at 12:57 am

    I love the man. Have always loved the man and believes with my whole heart, God allowed President Obama to study under Rev. Wright to enhance his knowledge as He prepared him to take the seat in the White House. I wrote a little bit of an essay about the two friends and yes I do believe they are still friends.
    God placed infant Obama into his (white) mothers womb, after allowing him to be released out of his (black ) daddy, (I knew you before you was placed in your mother’s womb) landing him into the arms and heart of his educated (white) grand mother and (white) mother so they could teach him what he needed to know.
    While in school as a Mixed child he had to learn to fight, (mixed children always have to fight even if it is foolish) after high school he entered the service to learn more obedience and responsibility, attended college to educated him self in a field that would enhance his life, as he traveled from his birth home to America God guided him into the arms and heart of Rev. Jeremiah Wright so that he could teach him the Truth and the History of his DNA and the life style of those around him as well as those of his mother history. After twenty years of studying under the Rev. Rev. Told him that they would be traveling in different direction due to whom he was and who the Rev. is.
    I believe that there was no way that the president walked away from his mentor without a conversion other than the one we heard in Church.
    When you love somebody nothing can takes that away. The president did what the president had to do and the Rev. did what the Rev. had to do.
    A man with an anointing can’t be quite. Say what you will but this Pastor has send more men into the closet with Jesus then any man I know.
    This man have a love in his heart that touches Heaven and makes Hell rattle. God knew that the white man would not just step back and allow a black man into the white house. Without a lynching or a fight. So here it is.
    Black, Daddy, White mama, white grand mama, Black daddy only dropped the seed, daddy was an educated black man, Our children are born with what’s inside the parent. Yes children learn what they live and live what they learn but the apple does not fall far from the tree. The foolish things of God is what keeps this world going. As a child I am sure President Obama have been called names that we can’t pronoun. But his mother and grand mother was there to soothes his pain and hurt, encouraging him to stand strong.
    White education, USA services, training, college education, Theology, Ministry, connecting with a powerful Black woman, raising a powerful black family. President Obama knows from the Truth of the Word of God that a man’s child is the race of the biological father. The seed comes from the man.
    His discipline, his courage and his knowledge did not come from a coward. His strengths came from his blood line and enhanced by his willing to learn and be teachable.
    I care less who do not like what I place here, it’s my opinion, my thoughts and I know that there are none of us perfect. Just as I know President Obama didn’t make the problems we as Americans have. They was lying there, right there just waiting to jump all over him and it’s been jumping all over him, trying to get deep in him since he took his Oath. God’s got his back. and the Devil and his demons are mad as hell. It the spirit of his grandmother and mother can see him now they are Two proud beautiful women smiling down at him and his proud black daddy is standing there with them. Because ain’t no anger in Heaven and ain’t no hate allowed.

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