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Man Tries to Infect Barack Obama with HIV

A man from Chicago has been arrested because he attempted to infect U.S. President Barack Obama with his blood infected by the HIV virus, Fox reported. He also sent Obama’s staff envelopes with the infected blood.

The perpetrator is a citizen of Ethiopia, Saad Hussein. He sent the envelope soaked in blood to Obama’s office in Springfield. Along with the blood-soaked letter, the envelope contained an invitation to Obama’s electoral victory celebration and other documents.

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  1. Cecil Jones
    March 1, 2009 at 7:54 am

    Why are we releasing the details of this story? Are we trying to drum up sympathy for the President of the United States or provide a cover story if he ever tests positive? The likely hood of this plan ever working was about as probable as 20 Jihidiots causing our entire air defense systems from failing at the same exact moment in time. This is a non story unless it has some other value in this debate. Imagine if our health records were available to corporations online? Would you be considered a threat if you test positive? Would you be rounded up like the Chinese in WWII and put in concentration camps or ovens? What’s the point of making the information so readily available? Nothing good will ever come from destroying Doctor-Patient Confidentiality. What Obama wants to do is give the system 664 Billion dollars to make it happen? That ain’t right.

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