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Barack Obama Prepares for Big Speech

President Barack Obama takes center stage on Tuesday to try to sell the American people on his broader agenda for jolting the United States out of deep recession and confronting long-term economic challenges.

Riding high in opinion polls, Obama will deliver a State of the Union-style address at 9 p.m. EST in his first appearance before a joint session of Congress since he took office five weeks ago.

The primetime speech, the opening act on Capitol Hill for any new president, comes in a pivotal week for Obama. He will roll out his firstbudget proposal on Thursday against a backdrop of growing public anxiety over the worst economic crisis in decades.

In a stark reminder of how grim the situation has become, Wall Street slumped to a 12-year low on Monday as investors worried about the government nationalizing ailing major banks, a prospect the White House tried to play down.


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  1. Cecil Jones
    February 24, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    President Obama has done the best he could with the situation that confronts him so bless his heart. Can we give President Obama a pass on his performance without offering suggestions and advice on where “He screwed up” and can do better? We must offer advice because nothing has changed with this administration. The Left is locked out. The Right is angry and still in opposition to what “We the People” need. The Middle standing with Obama is as mushy as a marshmellow. There is no firm ground to ride through the storm, but the left out. President Obama pledged to empower the people and this started a movement. That movement stopped when the President started using words like “Petty” and “Childish” to describe supporting and defending the Constitution and performing his duties. These are not petty things or choices that he can take lightly. His campaign was built from the “Bottom up.” He has not given credit where credit is due. He has decided to defend the indefensible behavior of the past and he has chosen to side with President Bush and President Clinton in their actions. God Bless President Obama, but defending the indefensible is not a fight that he can win. He can only endure the hardship of a bad choice, but it was his choice. Obama was our selection. How can we help him if he refuses to listen and learn from the mistakes of the past? A stimulus bill drawn up in a partisan way does not heal America. Lilly Ledbetter’s Law does not work if the law has no teeth. Children’s health care does not help a family in crisis that cannot afford to get sick. Passing the cost onto the public creates more “Octomoms.” Refusing to sit down with those who may be in opposition guarantees they will stay in opposition. Why create new enemies out of people who pledged their heart and soul to help you grow? These are “Childish Things” that can only hurt our progress. Embrace those seeking to heal for they are helpless to do so alone.

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