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RNC Disappointed in Obama’s Performance Thus Far

art_obama_gi It’s the one-month anniversary of President Obama’s swearing-in, and not surprisingly the Republican National Committee is out with its’ verdict: It’s been "disappointing."

"Obama’s first month has been marked by wasteful spending, failed bipartisanship, and questionable ethics," the RNC said in a document circulated to reporters.

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  1. Cecil Jones
    February 21, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Okay, here’s my report card on the first month of President Obama’s administration. Overall, I give the man a “D.” Why am I so harsh? First and foremost, I didn’t fail him in spite of the fact that he admitted, “He screwed up.” Where were his mistakes? He’s beginning to look like a hypocrite. He’s not delivering on the change that was promised. He’s failing because “The Man had a Movement Behind Him and it’s not going anywhere.” The Stimulus Bill is all about catching up, not moving ahead. The Stimulus bill was not done by the people. It was done in the smoke-filled rooms by “Fat Cats and Yes Monkeys.” The selection of his administration wasn’t done to move forward. It’s a throwback to the past Clinton corruption. Who selected thus far hasn’t been connected to the Clintons? Who amoung them has paid their taxes? This isn’t what I’d call a “Great Start.” As for the “Equal Opportunity”, the Left has been shut out like Obama has a “Petty Grievance” against us. We elected him and this is the thanks we get? This alone earned a C grade, but there’s more reasons to deduct points. The people he seems to trust most happen to be Republicans. Ray LaHood, Gov. Sebelius, and Sen. Judd were all Obama loyalists who have found a way to fail him. LaHood’s gas tax is DOA and Sebelius isn’t going to be the face of universal health care. Sen. Gregg took the job and then took his nuts back from Obama. That’s a clear D grade. Finally, I’ve got one other thing to point out about Rush Limbaugh and celebrating victories. Rush never voted for Obama and he clearly wants Obama to fail. Stop giving him praise and airtime. Last, don’t celebrate the stimulus package in Chicago without wearing clean underoos. Did you see the picture of Obama in the Politico on 2/15? Carol Lee’s article, “Obama back to his old routine” captured the President in a way that makes him look worse than any cartoon. Instead of a “D” I’ll give him a “D minus.” Okay, this article was a “Childish Thing.”

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